For Old Times’ Sake

I’ve got to write and post more often… Bad, bad me…

At first, I thought I’d only get involved in the fanfiction exchange as a beta-reader, but since I’ve been kind of stuck in my original story, I decided to take part in it, for old times’ sake.

The story has to be at least 1,500 words, no maximum, and I have a month to write it. This sounds pretty easy… except I haven’t written a fanfic for about 10 years. Plus the one I have to write has to be un-canon.

Now, you could argue that any fanfiction is un-canon… which is true, in a way. But I’m so not going there now… lol.

So, I had an outline about an hour after getting the prompt. Now to write it… What if I can’t? What if I can, but it’s not good? Believe it or not, it’s my first time taking part in a fanfiction exchange. I’ve taken part in photomanipulation exchanges, so I know how it works, but still…

I’ve always believed that you write for yourself first. Here, you have to take someone else’s wishes into account.

I’m already more than 4,000 words into it, not that the word count means anything, and I’m not stuck (yet? *crossing fingers… and toes… so it won’t happen*). The story is flowing nicely… I’d forgotten how fun it can be to write a fanfiction, to make the characters you love yours if just for a few days. One of my friends goes back to writing fanfiction every time she’s stuck in her original story or she wants to hone her skill for the said original story… I think it’s not such a bad idea. Any thought?

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