Two Months Already…

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou

I can’t believe I haven’t updated for two months…

If you think I haven’t written a word for as long as I haven’t updated this blog, you may be right… depends on what you consider writing, really.

October, or when Fall is still sweet and warm enough and the colors vibrant… To me, October has been a source of inspiration for years. But not this year. I was busy with all sorts of family… er… things.

But… I still had an idea for another story. Looks like being on my feet from 7 am to midnight most days can’t stop my tired brain from being creative. We’ll see if I can outline a whole story, with plot(s) and sub-plots, believable characters and all… It may just end up in the “beginning-of-an-idea-for-a-new-story cemetery” (another name for one of the folders on my computer). *shrugs*

About the story I’ve been co-writing, I’ve been thinking of how to flesh it out a little bit, especially the “background”.

Well, writing this post has helped me realize that though I haven’t been writing per se, I’ve still been creative.


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